Identifying Why Your Car Engine Overheats

Maintaining a proper running temperature for your car engine is crucial for the safe, efficient operation of your vehicle. There are be one of several different primary reasons why your car engine is overheating.

An improper coolant concentration is a common underlying reason for a car engine overheating. Another common reason is a blockage in the coolant system. Yet another of the primary reasons why a car is overheating is a leak in the cooling system itself. A failed water pump represents yet another of the primary reasons why a car overheats.

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Your Tire Pressure Light is Designed to Keep You Safe

If you notice a horseshoe-shaped light with an exclamation point in the middle become illuminated while you are driving, there's no cause for alarm. That's the Tire Pressure Monitoring System, also known as the TPMS, simply alerting you to schedule a stop in our service center to have the tire pressure checked.

The TPMS is a valuable tool installed in more recent vehicle models to help drivers know when a tire is underinflated or not at the proper pressure for driving safely. Being alerted that a tire's pressure is low can help to prevent a coming blowout…

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Never Get Caught With Low Car Fluid Levels

There are tons of fluids located throughout your vehicle. If those fluids – motor oil, transmission fluid, coolant, just to name a few – weren’t present, you couldn’t drive it as far as the length of your driveway. Here are a few tips you should follow regarding the levels of fluids in your vehicle – don’t deviate from them, if you enjoy driving.

Engine oil is the lubricant of your car’s engine. If sufficient levels of engine oil are not present, then its internal mechanisms rub together, causing them to rapidly break down. You should have it replaced every…

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